Ritual Murder of Children by Jews in Russia Reported by Russian Paper

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Aristocrat, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Ritual Murder of Children by Jews in Russia Reported by Russian Paper

  2. Peter35


    If it's true then it will be the most horrible ritual crime i ever heard of!!!!!

    Is there anyone here who can confirm or deny such ritual crimes?

    I really find it difficult to believe this story....
  3. maxpi


    Aristocrat posts links to some kook running for office on an anti semitic platform, pure politics in the Chit Chat forum, then this unsubstantiated story demonizing Jews.

    Aristocrat: Get your meds adjusted, research natural cures for brain nutrition deprivation or something.
  4. Oh, so because a few anti-semetic Russians are "convinced", it must be true, eh? Tell me, is there any evidence at all or is this pure unadulterated conspiracy theory garbage?

    By the way, blood has absolutely no place in Passover. These "facts" were obviously made up to substantiate a make-believe charge. Next time you should try a little harder and actually do some research so you can use real facts for your make-believe charges.

  5. Typical Russian crap! I'm not Jewish but you have to wonder about those Russians and their facts.
  6. Interesting quotes from Talmud....

    "MISHNA I.: Cattle must not be placed in the inns of the heathens (non-jews) because they are suspicious of having sexual intercourse with them. And for the same reason a female must not stay alone with them, because they are suspected of insult; nor should a male stay with them alone, because they are suspected of bloodshed."

    "But why must one not place female cattle in the inns which are under the control of females? Said Mar Uqua b. Hama: Because the heathens (non-jews) are wont to visit the wives of their neighbors, and if such visitor happened not to find the hostess, he may substitute the cattle."

    "Hannina, said: I have seen a heathen (non-jews) who bought a goose in the market, sexually intercoursed with it, chopped, roasted and consumed it, and R. Jeremiah of Diphte said that he had witnessed a similar affair by an Arabian."

    Quoted from Abuda Zara Talmud.

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel
  8. All fair enough.
    Except there was evidence of ritual scrifice by some of these cultures (civilisations?), although the incas seem to have been biggest overall in the arena.

    Im curious, wiki has phrased "beleif" in blood sacrifice as though these things never did exist.

    Pol pot muirdered uncountable numbers of people, right under the nose of the international community.

    Heck, in a thousand years time, it may be doctrine that these savages collected the skulls of the dead and put them in big piles, because it worshipped there ancestors or something, in an elaborate funeral rite of some sort.

    The survivors may have , yes- doesnt mean a suspiciously large number of people werent just murdered in cold blood.

    No, i guess i dont have a point there, really.