Rithmic's R | Trader Pro™ Shows Queue Position and Bracket Linking

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    Rithmic, LLC announced today that its trading and charting screen, R | Trader Pro™, now shows position in queue for a user’s orders. “With the release of version, the display of an order’s position in the order queue is now visible for orders placed on the CME’s exchanges accessible through the Globex feed,” said Jonathan Walden, CEO of Rithmic. “We are excited to bring this information to our users in a numerical and visual display, so that traders can get a better sense of how soon their orders could be executed”. He continued, “While developing the visual component to show an order’s position in queue, we found we could also show a link between a bracket order’s entry, target and stop orders, and the link between any set of OCO orders - including the linking of a multiple bracket orders. Managing bracket and OCO orders becomes much easier, especially for price action trades, when their structure is shown through a visual representation.”

    You may download a copy of R | Trader Pro™ from http://www3.rithmic.com/?page_id=16.
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    Live recording of the the features: