Rithmic Releases R | Trader™

Discussion in 'Events' started by jjw, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Rithmic is pleased to announce that it has released version of its front end trading and risk managment screen, R | Trader™.
  2. Do you only work in Forex?
  3. jjw

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    No Forex at this time.
  4. ok thank you
  5. What are the main changes in the new version?
  6. jjw

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    Though many of the new features were previwed in the later 9.x releases, version supports the following:
    • Future options chains can be seen in the Options Board (previously they could only be seen in the Futures Options Board);
      Trailing stops;
      Drip Orders;
      The Recent Orders window can be toggled to show working and competed orders in separate tabs;
      The data in the Quote Board window can be written to a .csv file periodically, automatically;


      Performance and connection improvements.
  7. <i>Drip orders</i> meaning slice / shred? Can you offer some color on them?
  8. jjw

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    A drip order is an order that is "dripped" into the market repeatedly. For example, suppose you configure the following order: "buy 2 ESZ1 at the best bid less 2 ticks". Now suppose you release it to the exchange every 1 minute between 9:30am and 10:00am. That order would be called a drip order.

    R | Trader™ now provides you with the ability to configure and manage drip orders.