Rithmic fees recent changes

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by maxima120, May 4, 2013.

  1. I have heard that Rithmic waived its usual $100 minimum monthly usage policy. But I couldn't get this confirmed from my broker (for the obvious reasons :) )

    Has anyone have his minimum fee waived recently or has anyone opened new Rithmic account recently without this condition attached?

    Please share the experience perhaps with the broker name.
  2. I do not use them but do not think they ever had a $100 monthly minimum fee from what I looked into before.


  3. they have/had. i know for sure ;)

    lets hear from someone who has actual experience.
  4. Yeah let's.

    But their fees are listed right there on the link I posted and you can call them to verify. The fees, at least as shown on that page, have not changed in a long time.

    I used them briefly as I recall and I certainly did not pay $100 a month. But they have various packages and maybe there is some package that is $100 a month. Probably you could pay that rate and get unlimited (or low) fee per transaction.
  5. I talked to ddt guy 1.5 yrs ago. the min $100 fee was in place then.. as with few others..

    I am talking specifically about their API which costs 10c per order with $100 monthly min usage
  6. Oh for their API - you did not mention that - I remember now that they charged for that....that will be good if they are dropping that minimum.