Rithmic Enables Break Even Brackets in R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™

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    Rithmic, LLC announced today that its front end trading screens, R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™, now provide their users with break even bracket orders. “Besides handling bracket orders on our servers, what distinguishes our break even brackets is that our users can adjust the “break even” point of each bracket by a few ticks”, said Jonathan Walden, CEO of Rithmic. “This adjustment enables a user to insure that the break even point covers commissions and fees”, continued Walden.

    Current users may upgrade to the current version of R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™ through the “Check for Updates” selection of the File menu. New users may download R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™ from Rithmic’s website.