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    I'm a huge fan of everything having to do with R|API, but as you may know, it does not have support for Python which is a far more accessible language to many would-be algo traders.

    I have created a Rithmic API wrapper for Python that I use everyday, and am considering making it available to others. But first, I want to gauge interest before I spend time cleaning it up and getting permissions from Rithmic.

    Please chime in if your interested.

    My original motivation for doing this was to enable FLEXIBLE real-time control over my trading systems. Most of my "algorithms" are running in pure C++, but I can control them via python which allows infinite flexibility and enables real-time free form data exploration. If what your're doing doesn't require a TON of number crunching, you can even do everything in python without issue. No C++ required. Even if it does require heavy number crunching... you can use Numba, which precompiles python into optimized machine code, and greatly improves performance, approaching pure C/C++ speeds. I typically do all of my trading from within a Juypter-Notebook. There is a lot more detail to be shared, but I will save that for later.

    Please let me know if you're interested, or have any questions.
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  2. Would love to see your Jupyter notebook setup. I do a lot of research in Jupyter, but have found it tough to trade using notebooks.
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    I dont really trade from the notebook, per se, since the execution decisions are produced automatically. I observe, control, and research from the notebook. If I find myself in a situation where I want to manually enter orders, its a simple python command.

    I use ipywidgets for a poor-mans GUI, but its pretty crude. Just shows open orders and current positions, nothing special. At some point, I'll improve my UI...but that is for when boredom sets in.
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    Nice thing about this approach is I don't have to have software that handles every single corner-case event. I've found programming for the corner-cases takes up a ton of time...and I'd rather just react to them in real-time initially, so I can deploy a 95% solution more rapidly.
  5. That sounds about like what I tried to do but failed... Would you mind sharing your setup?
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    Will do some screen grabs tommorow. What was your failure point?
  7. Thanks. For me, the problem was finding the right balance between what I want to see and what I need to see...
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    I've always had the same problem, but...that's the nice thing about scripting: I can screen print any accessable state variable
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    I would be really interested. Currently, running a new intra day algo with IB API on GLOBEX and NYMEX, my turn around time to react on order filled and place 2 more order into a exchange is around 100ms. I also notice that I don't get that good fill on IB and they sorta known for that.
    Considering going to Rithmic or CQG - need to research what's best. Would be great to chat via direct..
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    Isn't the new R-Protocol allow you to work with Python? We recently brought a customer who came from IB (who used python) and was able to use the new API. I am curious whether this wrapper would save others time and effort of writing their own or is that simple to do with the new API?
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