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  1. Is it true that it costs $100 a month minimum to use the Rithmic API, but that there is no minimum cost to use R-Trader?

    Can one postpone this cost during testing and development by initially coding to the Zen-fire API (which is a wrapper of the Rithmic API)?

    Later one would convert to the Rithmic API directly.

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    Oh but yes, R|Trader should be free for anyone supporting Rithmic.
  3. Ah that's very helpful to know that it is broker dependent - I will check with other brokers in that case.....

    Thanks a lot!

  4. If anyone knows of a broker that charges only transaction charges for R-API trades, without a $100 a month minimum charge, please let me know here or privately.

    It is not clear from broker web sites.

    http://www.deepdiscounttrading.com/ quoted 10 cents a transaction with a $100 a month minimum.

    This is probably a really great price once one has volume but I will not have volume for some time....


    P.S. Or could one just piggyback on the R-Trader fee schedule which is 30 cents per side with no monthly fee.
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    I heard from others that orders are held in broker server rather than in globex server and many complain orders filled very slow. That is what u get for cheap rate
  6. Actually I believe that you were completely misinformed because they are just an IB for Crossland and do not have any servers (or bank accounts) of their own. You are really trading with Crossland.

    You connect directly to the Rithmic infrastructure.

    Both firms are listed by Rithmic as partners.

    In other words, they are one heck of a good deal!

    Now, what you are quoting does apply to certain *other* firms.
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    are u sure about that orders are held in broker server? I just talked to ed from crossland
  8. And what did he say about orders placed through Rithmic ?

    Note that Crossland offers several different choices of routing.

    It is my understanding that orders placed via Rithmic clients or API go directly to Rithmic. After all you are paying Rithmic's standard routing charge.
  9. It is a feature of their API that you CAN have orders on the the rithmic server, fully cleared for exchange submission (credit check etc.) and when a trigger is hit RIthmic submits them.

    A feature - as in: you have to submit an order for that specifically.

    Otherwise it is exchagne submitted as the logs also show with tmiestamps - RIthmic provides a lot of those.

    The idea behind that feature is that you can have those orders "ready" to close positions etc.an d theis is fater than waiting for your remote computer to decide and send the order in.

    Most front end programs will not support that ;) That said, it is a nice feature.
  10. I have seen that the unix timestamp that I recived of the rithmic api has a diference sometime with the real timestamp of the atomic clock of 100 seconds sometimes but during the overnight session is the same... somebody know what is the problem i am based in Europe and I do not know if that is the real problem or if is a stuffing proglems od delay of the market server.

    Another question is to know if that timestamp is from the excahnge or It is rithmic that put it...

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