Rithmic Announces Nonrenewal of Zen-Fire Use

Discussion in 'Events' started by jjw, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Rithmic, LLC announces that after nearly 8 years as the market data and order routing software component of the Zen-Fire trading solution, it will not be renewing its software license for use in the Zen-Fire solution upon its approaching expiration.

    Rithmic is a developer of high performance multi-asset trade execution software. Rithmic's R | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads and options provides highly stable and scalable desktop trading and risk management screens, a C++ API, a .NET API, FIX connectivity, market data and order routing.

    Learn more about Rithmic at:
  2. RedDuke


    Hi jjw,

    Would NinjaTrader be still able to connect to Rithmic in any manner? If yes, can you please explain how.

  3. So what does that mean? No more Zen Fire for Ninja?
  4. Rithmic needs to tell what day/time they are going to cut off Zenfire.
  5. - Is there any information why that happens?

    - Does this mean the end of Zen-Fire?

    - Any knowledge about what this will mean to Mirus futures?
  6. There are firms that still have the ability to offer Ninja - Zen Fire and Ninja - Rithmic. Manduca Trading and FuturePath are two of them.
    If you're a NinjaTrader user and you're happy with the Zen Fire feed, you can stick with it, but not at Amp.
    I've seen correspondence that suggests to me that Zen Fire is alive and well, and the intention is to only make it better. I'm not solely a proponent of Zen-Fire, as I think there are a number of data feeds that compete with its speed and stability. Yet I do know that it is a rather popular choice.

    Bottom line, if you're at a firm that can/will no longer offer the Zen Fire data feed, look elsewhere - its still viable, available, and as good as its ever been.
  7. So the first post in this thread is incorrect? I don't remember it mentioning AMP specifically.
  8. I mention Amp because it is from an email received from them that I learned of this announcement. The email cited, and included a hyperlink to, the post that originates this chain.
    I have nothing against Amp, yet the nature of the email from Amp could be taken as alarmist toward ZenFire, imo. And from what I know so far, ZenFire will remain a viable choice of data feed.
  9. Winthorpe


    You can use Ninja Trader and Rithmic through FuturePathTrading.

    I prefer the Photon platform over Ninja.

  10. Colaeus


    I was under the impression that Zenfire has been white labeling Rithmic's software all along......I wonder what will happen to Zenfire now that Rithmic is no longer supporting them....
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