Risky Crypto Bet Blows Up Dennis Gartman's Retirement Account

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by truetype, Feb 21, 2018.

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    If you read the article what Gartman did was bet his retirement money on buying Riot BlockChain, a company that has zero to do with Crypto. All the company did was change its name from Bioptix hoping to fool some traders. And I guess it fooled Gartman.
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    I doubt he invested too much. he will be back on CNBC.
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    Just shows what scams many of these micro pharmas are. One day developing drugs, the next leaving it all behind and jumping on a trend bandwagon in completely different sector.
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  5. Dennis has got the be the biggest idiot. You're telling me the only due diligence he did to invest a sizeable portion of the fund was to read the stocks name and that was it. That's all he did was read the name and he considers that enough due diligence.

    And he's managing other people's money??? They should sue his ass.
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  7. I agree with everything except for the suing part.....anyone investing with Gartman is probably just as big of a dumbass and probably deserves it.
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  8. "Bitcoin is nonsense". No investing in a pharma rebranding itself blockchain company is nonsense.
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    As if the other 10,000 horrific market calls weren't enough evidence that this guy blows.
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