Risky business: Currency trading gets popular

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  1. http://money.cnn.com/2006/03/10/news/international/bc.financial.currencies.retail.reut/

    As global debt and equity markets have stalled, many institutional and retail investors have turned to currency trading. In fact, forex trading volume typically exceeds $50 Billion per day among retail investors. At the rate at which it has been growing, it will not be long before forex volume surpasses turnover on the New York Stock Exchange, which averages just over $60 Billion daily. In addition, investment banks have identified retail currency trading as a key driver of revenue growth. Retail investors have been drawn in by such factors as low commissions and the ability to leverage. CNN reports:

    "If you look at retail trading platforms, significant trading volumes are being put through. It's a new market and a new clientele. I think they are having an impact on volume," said Roger Hawes, global head of spot FX trading at Royal Bank of Scotland.