Riskmetrics (RMG)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by lwlee, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. lwlee


    Anyone following RMG? Started trading on Friday with a nice first day pop. Given all the turmoil in the market recently, it seems like a good long term play.
  2. i started to read the s-1 on friday but i got distracted. it seems like an intriguing play since they are risk management.
  3. MGJ


    (Opinion 1) Riskmetrics could have prevented huge losses at Citibank, Northern Rock, Countrywide, Merrill Lynch et al, if only they had used Riskmetrics products and used them correctly.

    (Opinion 2) Everybody was using Riskmetrics or equivalent products and got burned by the subprime crisis anyway. Riskmetrics didn't help at all.

    Which of these opinions is rampant among prospective customers of Riskmetrics?

    Which of these opinions does Wall Street think is rampant among Riskmetrics' prospective customers?
  4. http://www.issproxy.com/serve/index.html

    RiskMetrics Group Serves:
    7 of the top 10 prime brokers

    Does anything more need to be said?

    Obviously the model isn't effective at second guessing rating agency work. OR, judging by recent results... 6/10 (assuming GS is one their users) at minimum do not actually use the riskmetrics product to the full extent it allows.
  5. ggg12


    should pop to 25-27 range on Monday, dont forget what a crappy market day friday was and this ipo closed just .60 off it's higher fading most of the market selloff.

    Gsco is the underwriter, they usually squeeze on the second day ipo at least early take a look at ATHN.
  6. hughb


    My data program says RMG is on the Amex, but the WSJ stock tables have it on the NYSE. Which is it?
  7. ggg12


    RMG (Riskmetrics) is a new ipo as of Friday listed on NYSE.

    RMG used to be a symbol for another company previously listed on the amex. The NYSE symbol is the current company.