Riskless(?) Covered Call????

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    I'm not a particular fan of covered calls, but was pointed to this blog post: http://www.callwriter.com/blog/2007/03/05/new-riskless-covered-call-strategy/

    It's John Brasher's blog and of course he is trying to pull in some seminar business, but the concept intrigued me. I would love to have a look at this strategy to see what he is on about... haven't been able to bust it from the "clues".

    Anyway here's the post - Any ideas what it is?:

  2. I don't have time to beat this guy down (the blogger), let's just say he's FOS. :p

    I'm sure some others will give him hell...
  3. That excerpt is so full of crap it's hard to disect.

    I suspect he's putting on equity collars or verticals and leaving that "minor" detail out to make you sign up.
  4. The only riskless options/equity strategy would be where you buy an equity, write a call & buy a put at the same strikes. This will not work on most average stocks. You would have to get something with a little more beta. If you want a real world example, check out NVDA as it is hovering around the $30 mark. An April collar would yield you a dime & a June collar would yield you 30 cents or so with 0% risk.

    Tying up all of your money for 3+ months to pocket 30 cents is really not prudent or practical, unless maybe you are a conservative billionaire. I think if you annualized this kind of return it would be somewhere around 5%ish. Assuming of course you use no margin in this kind of strategy, because that would wipe pretty much all of your profits out.
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    I'm thinking along the same lines, in which case he certainly is FOS.

    Each strategy I can think of either doesn't match the "clues" (eg collars) or contains significantly more risk than indicated.

    More creative stuff usually has vega risk that is easily hidden from noobs.
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    Maybe he is using a LEAP or longer term put option that is paid for by a couple of months of short calls. You could just do covered LEAPS.
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    Won't work, those 10-30 cents are cost of carry on the stock, so there's no zero risk profit there.
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    That guy is FOS as others have suggested.
  9. Apparently it is a carry trade (buy conversions/reversals for a credit equivalent to the risk free rate). I pointed this out on the blog. He believes the new margin rules would allow you to own 1000 shares of google for $18k.
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    BTW the "Wayne" commenting on the blog is not moi.
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