Risk/Reward...some thoughts...some questions

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by ER9, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. well, since you asked...my experience is different. depends on your approach and, once again, whether or not you get the fill.
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  2. gnome


    20 years in the trenches.... never seen this, never even heard of it.
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    Theoretical at the moment i was just using that as an example to clarify my thought and question.

    i begin foreward testing today. 80% is what i'm hoping for from some past results iv'e had trading a modified version of this strategy.

    realistically i will find out but the percentage looks like it will be high after modifing the profit. only time will tell but i appreciate all the responses so far.

    i fell into the trap of trying to adjust my strategy around risk/reward i misunderstood and couldn't make it work. now that i threw that all out the window and re-thought how to build risk/reward into my strategy it seems i finally have what i have been after. i just wanted to make sure my instincts were right and needed some advice...much appreciated so far.
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    No. In fact, it's even theoretically impossible.

    50% win rate with 2:1 is an excellent goal and realistic. (And I once had a 5 year period with 71% winners. I've since come to recognize that as a "hot streak" rather than my ability.)
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