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    That just goes to prove what actually can be and is accomplished by women, if you don't buy into the gender class warfare and "helpless female" propoganda that women's rights groups, politicians, women's magazines and other segments of the media and others would like to have us believe.
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    I think the Wharton MBA intern that goes to work at Morgan Stanley and puts in 17 hour days was crazy to accept a job there.
    I couldn't believe the currency trader having to fly 85,000 miles/year for her job. I'm sure glad my husband never had a schedule like any of those women. I'd have been divorced years ago.

  4. thanks for the link. being married to one of these type women, i can relate and have passed the info along to her.


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    Women have one purpose in life,and that's to make babies__Jerry Lewis (comedian)

    (sorry, couldn't resist...hehe)
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    Behind the success of a man there is always a woman and the failure of a man there is always again a woman
  7. "In the poker game of life women are the rake.''
    ed norton, from the movie Rounders

    I don't think that, but I love the movie.

    "Don't splash the pot!":D

  8. :D
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    You know the quote "Bulls make money...Bears make money...but Pigs never make money". Nice to know there's lots of Pigs around here....all male I assume.

    Maybe you guys should watch the documentary...see the currency trader that's making almost a mill. per-year for herself.
    ...pulls down 8- 15 mill. for her firm.
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    What a sweet thing to say. Just the kind of girl I'm looking for...lol
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