Risk premium just went up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kxvid, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. kxvid


    Who wants to own stocks when on what looks to be a OK day they sell of like that in the last 10 minutes? Risk premium just went up: by a alot.
  2. Tell us with all honesty: when and where did you go long the market? If you went long and can explain it, I think I can help you to sold any eventual trading problems.

    It is related to the question I posed in post below.

  3. Correct, although it happened not today, but at the start of September. As measured by VIX, stocks have suddenly became 3 times riskier than what they have been historically. The implication is quite dramatic: stocks have to become 3 times less expensive to justify the tripled risk. We are already at the point where prices are close to half of what they were only a short time ago, so it's not that far from the full adjustment.
  4. RFT,

    I like to subscribe to any and all trading related blogs via my google reader. Would you be able to post here or PM me your blog?


  5. John,

    Link is below. I did not include it as I did not want to take the risk to be accused of "spam".

    Please PM me your list of blogs, so I can follow what I like-- I love to read about trading and investing.

  6. OK I sent you a list. Thanks for posting here. Keep up the good work!