Risk management software for options trading

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    Does anyone know of an easy to use software to use for an options based trading strategy that can allow you to calculate the impact on the portfolio of a general or individual move in an underlying of X%?

  2. Calculator and a sheet of paper and pencil.
  3. I noticed your email and I too was looking for Risk Management system. I am demoing Obsidian for free (they have a 14 day free trial). They have a risk management system for options as well as position analyzer. Their portfolio system also nets up positions and Greeks. So far I really like it - specially for options trading. Here is the link to the free demo: www.silexx.com
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  5. Which broker do you have to be with to use obsidian?

    Seems like the product is institutional only?
  6. They list several brokerage firms and they do work with several prop firms as well.
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