Risk Management Project before Real Trading

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by Peter brandley, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Here I want to share my experience to all forumers, risk management needed before trading implementation, all of steps usefull for me may be can be used for all:

    1. Risk Type= Trader Failure, minimize risk:a.trader Training ( demo or simulation trading) & trading skill increasing
    b. early scheduling for trader: before implement into real trading, need time scheduling for preparation before trading time

    2.Loss estimation; minimize risk:a. create several loss or floating estimation
    b.loss/profit design c. record previous loss trading history d. method standarization e. create trading user manual by the trader f. create formal specification method by forex trader. g. Cost Benefit Analysis of Forex trading: if profit > loss = continue trading if profit < loss= suspended trading and try to find how and when. h. Limitation of too much currency pairs trading and too much indicators.

    All above is based on my experience and may be so difficult to be understood but usefull and can make risk as opportunity to make profit by using this project, please share here