Risk Free Trading is back, NO STOPS

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  1. Just buy buy buy, forget stops they just make your broker rich and you poor.

    The market is not free, its run buy the fed and the goverment. History has shown the market very seldom stays down for long.

    Buy and just sit tight because the fed the goverment will save you from any crazy risk you take.

    Buying ES 1476.00
  2. Long 20 es futures into next week, then roll out into new contract.

  3. Hallelujah!

    Congratulations. You have seen the light. Of course, the Fed/Gov't will save some a little more than others.

  4. As I said weeks ago the subprime was no big deal and the markets would surge higher

    just g0 long and make money.

    buy the dips and hold for a few weeks while you ride the rebound

    it really is that simple

    this isn't rocket science.
  5. I see stupidity is also making a comeback
  6. It's always in fashion in certain circles(jerks).
  7. Stupidity is PAR for the course with risk free trading. Why should anyone try to be smart when the government will always sail to the rescue. We've got Bush coming out to promise relief to all of the fucking idiots who bought ten times more house than they could afford, and those hedgies and other funds that played recklessly in the CDO game will be saved by Helicopter Ben this afternoon.

    To hell with Darwinism or evolution. The system is designed to prop up and make money for all those sheeple of the world. To hell with "survival of the fittest".

    Therefore, stupidity is king.
  8. What you shorts and pessimists don't understand is that the goal of trading is to make money. It has nothing to do with your own personal beliefs. Who cares if helicopter ben is rescuing the market? If you;re on the right side of the trade you'll make money and that is all that counts.
  9. I agree, it's almost sickening. Why plan, and save or be frugal when a free pass is given out.

    What sort of message does this send to my children when they see this unfolding.

    "Dad was wrong, we don't need to save, work hard, study and be honest."

  10. One of the biggest mistake is to let personal biases get in your way of making money. Times have changed.
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