Risk free money today. Just go short

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  1. Japan's Nikkei ends 4% lower at 13,087.91

    Chinese stocks sink further; Shanghai Composite last down 7%

    India's Sensex tumbles 3.6% to 17,709.33 in early minutes

    And most imporatntly : Stevie Cohen´s SAC Capital Advisors is also short ES GLOBEX session ( not only GLOBEX...)....:D
  2. maybe its late! but how do u know SAC is short? lol
  3. Just rumors spreading from London...nothing special, the usual stuff...:D
  4. And if the Fed does a suprise rate cut? =)
  5. SAC Capital has been making Ben Bernanke take female hormones. He now wears a dress, has moved in with Cohen and will not make a move without Cohen's OK.
  6. lol i love "risk-free" elitetrader dollars.
  7. LOL !!! HA, HA, HA....I just spit my coffee! BUAHAHAAHAHAH !!! Good stuff ! :D :D :D
  8. Maybe the female hormone story has is causing the departure of this two gentlemen :

    Will The Last Person At SAC Capital Advisors Please Turn Out The Lights?

    SAC suffered two high level departures today when both its president and chief financial officer announced they were departing. James Rowan, the chief financial officer, is leaving to become the chief operating officer of Ren Tech. The president, Brian Cohn has no plans. Supposedly his departure has come as a surprise to the firm.

    SAC employees we spoke to moments ago had no idea that either man had left, so to the rank and file traders both departures come as a surprise. Of course, these surprised traders also couldn’t give us any dish about why Cohn was departing so suddenly because they had no idea he was already out the door.

  9. Suss----It's just an "Asian Contagion".........I hope!
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