risk free money making tuesday is here

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  1. S2007S


    How many Tuesday's has the Dow been up? This is record breaking...
    If there were this many down Tuesday's in a row BUBBLE ben bernanke would have to intervene with QE 4.....

  2. i am taking the short side for tomorrow. i would not be shocked to see the s&p close under 1630. i think the fed is losing control with poor data meaning more government handouts to the rich (QE) and funds are selling into the rallies. its the greater fool theory because QE is not getting the fed anyway and at some point bigger funds are going to walk away in fear of holding the bag. economist are not traders and when you have doom and gloom economist saying free money is going to make the market go higher but they don't talk about good economics its a sigh. i think the market is going to school bubble ben very soon.
  3. hayman


    This talk of 21 straight Tuesdays is making the stock market sound like some kind of Casino on Wheels. In effect, it's become a large Ponzi scheme....the question becomes who will be the last ones in at these unrealistic lofty levels, before the rug is pulled out from under them?

    The Bernanke Mad Scientist Experiment is reaching dangerous levels now, and his only option for Exit will be when he leaves at the end of the year, and some poor Schmuck is left holding his bag.
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    Wow, Blackjack Tuesday never comes to fruition! I'm crushed.
  5. Can you imagine how bad Gentle Ben feels. His "secret" strategy for buying stocks has come out and the manipulators have gotten bolder!
  6. The big banks and hedggies want to suck at the tit of QE as long as possible. Expect a market collapse engineered by GS to ensure QE survives until 2014.

    It's in Obama's best interest too. Tomorrow we're green along with everyday until the end of the week as we reach a new all time high on the Dow.
  7. big money are unloading before job report. they're picking up some dead rat smell from job report. a lot of signals have shown thing ain't that rosy. bad job report will result in a sell-off, fairly good one is time to cash in. job report this Friday is not going to be good.
  8. bh_prop


    Already happened. Remember that white house (hoax) mini flash crash a month or so ago?
  9. Impressive, but it makes one wonder how they pick the "dead rat smell" from all the other smells around their own trades?
  10. achilles28


    We're for sure in a downtrend, and just hit some good resistance on the daily...
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