Risk-free arbitrage - not!

Discussion in 'Options' started by dmo, May 28, 2008.

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    Lessons learned moving from options on futures to options on stock:

    A few days ago I noticed that you could do a reversal - a risk-free arbitrage - on USO. You could hit the bid on the ATM puts, hit the bid on the stock, and lift the offer on the calls for a very nice locked-in profit.

    I couldn't believe it. I went over it and over it. It seemed impossible, but there it was.

    This morning when I tried to execute it, I found the problem. You can't short the stock! Impossible to borrow.

    In futures of course, for every long there's a short. So there's no such thing as "can't short the underlying." One more thing to get used to.
  2. The other thing to get used to is the fact that a risk-free arbitrage is not just going to sit there all day for you as the market makers give away money.

    I think anytime you see a risk-free arb as a retail trader you know you missed a step or did something wrong.
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  4. Hard to borrow reversals are everywhere. The last sizable arb I've seen was in TASR wtih the stock in the 90s and risk-free rates at 5%. That was a 4-handle arb in the front month.

    They're driven by the lack of short-inventory. The puts are in demand with little to no capacity to arbitrage.
  5. Thats the best advice you can get as a retail trader concerning risk free arbs.