Risk Arb Blog?

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  1. Can someone link me please?
  2. maxipad


    That fony blewup awhile ago. Seems to happen everytime actual das kapital is used. His Gamma got ahead of the curve.

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  4. uglyboy


    English as a second language?
  5. secxces


    HA HA HA , Your a funny person, HA HA HA.

    UMmm No, This "fony" will probably manage more money they you will even see in your life time.

    But nice one though, ........... funny.

    And with all do respect, he left here for a reason, and Im sure he frequents the boards, if he felt the need to post his site, he would. If im not mistaken some quack from here found his site and was harassing him so much he had to close his blog. Thats a serious shame. I for one enjoy his postings and am very impressed with his work. If your out there riskarb, good job man.

    - secXces
  6. I agree, I think he's ok and his understanding of the trade is beyond almost all here.

    He is houseguest on a different forum now. If I would post the url it gets censored, even in PM's. Also, the other site doesn't want to publish the url just like that, would cause to many annoying ppl to join.

  7. segv


    Are you off your meds or something?
  8. HE is on the rag.
  9. Why? Did someone tell you that he has a funny photo
    of you up on it?

    You don't look so good! Those pink pants are NOT
    flattering! And it looks like you have a little incontinence
    problem, which is not uncommon at your age.

    Your friend,

  10. Your username is appropriate.
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