Rise of the Machines

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  1. Rise of the Machines

    Personally, I've never been as alarmist as some about the death of the trading floor. I've always thought that floor trading would eventually go the way of the do-do.

    In fact, I'm surprised that options and futures trading floors still exist. I suppose it just goes to show you what good old protectionist money can buy in Chicago. Al Capone may be dead, but his spirit lives on...
  2. These systems will rebel, in unison, one day.

    The will execute unauthorized trades out of spite, and pure malice.

    And yes, they will know what they are doing, as they bring the world to its knees.
  3. wave


    Best not to piss off those quants programming those machines.

  4. :) Too funny! That is Chicago in a nutshell.

    But the real question is, when will Skynet go live?
  5. Indeed. The terminators are coming....
  6. [​IMG]

    The trading floor of the future.
  7. correction...the specialist of the future...is there a problem with your fill...i didn't think so...
  8. HAHAHA....

  9. I love it!!

    Come to think of it, I think I used to know a few guys like that on the floor.....
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    You have a magin call, Resistance is futile!
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