Rise of dark pools?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by rayl, May 6, 2007.

  1. that's my major concern too. I rely heavily on real time price and volume data and if someof this is delayed it can only hurt. Anyone?
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  2. i have traded 3 different dark pools (millenium, Auto and Pipeline), with share sizes ranging from 100 to 100k and they all printed almost instantaneously in T&S's......the odd time when there is an overload on the system their might be a 30 second to minute delay but for the most part...they print instantly
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  3. thank you for taking the time to let us know that...

    appreciate your input...


    follow up question.. for the large block shares that you traded thru the pools were they algo sliced or pushed thru as just large blocks...

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  4. Is everything a sales call with you.
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  5. mnx


    Pipeline prints in giant blocks at the mid point. minimum size is 10k/25k/100k depending on the stock.

    miln and auto like to slice and dice a lot, although very rarely there are larger blocks that print.


    - mnx
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  6. Surdo


    Where do listed NYSE stocks print that are "matched"? I recall POSIT used to print in the 3rd like a Jeffrey's trade. It appears that no institutional trader's read this forum by the responses!

    el surdo
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  7. rayl


    Curious as to how small the slicing typically gets down to... (as an indicator of how much smaller size activity has gone dark)
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  8. i have had orders of 10k go through as big as all 10k at once to getting filled all as 100's......more often than not the orders are filled in either one big chunk or two halves......but a small percentage of the time the orders can be filled in many many smaller chunks
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  10. rayl


    It's interesting -- especially the bit about programs probing with small trades... bec I know I've had orders posted way outside the market hit with tiny fills. Not sure if those are algos on the other side or not. (Though I've had this happen w/small odd lot trades and I believe most exchanges and ECNs prohibit non-bonafide odd lot trades with mandatory surveillance by brokers.)
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