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    Looks like today's mantra is "sell all cryptocurrencies and buy Ripple".

    Ripple now up to $0.6840 and a "market capitalization" of $26.40 billion, getting quite close to BitcoinCash at $29.41 billion (at $1,764).

    https://www dot

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    Well this is one way to become the cryptocurrency with the third-highest "market capitalization": rise by 81% in one day.

    https://www dot

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    You need to work on your links.
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    I bet BCH is the next runner, maybe it wont triple but absent a crash on BTC, BCH to $3k seems quite possible
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    Roger Ver will be very wealthy if that happens.
  8. Ripple is the one with an actual use case and working, scaleable tech. I doubt price will go through the roof like BTC, since its pre-mined and founders own a large chunk of the ccy. But i think it will be successful as a payment system, and the industry seems to be quite interested in it.
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    It's noticeable that today (using Worldcoinindex as the data source), Ripple is up 49% versus -4% for Ethereum, -3% for Litecoin, -7% for Bitcoin and -19% for BitcoinCash.

    Obviously momentum is part of the explanation, but is there any "fundamental news" in particular to account for this incredibly strong outperformance?

    Edit to update: I found this: https://twitter dot com/Ripple/status/943932041266999296

    but I'm not confident that this is "the" reason

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    flipped to cash at ~40%ish...Hope I don't regret when korea wakes up
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