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    I'm going to fill in some details later. Primarily started this journal because I sometimes feel like a disheveled lunatic who is just clicking away at his computer. (esp now since i'm a bit hung over from vodka and cognac; early morning anime and mad men on netflix)

    Experienced a system error when I tried to place a large short on YM this morning. I am upset that I lost out on the easy picken today. So here I am, up $103.80.
    I tried to leave one runner but I ended up adding shorts and got all out. Exactly right now the indexes just went down (finally broke down 40), well...grrr...i'm already all out.

    Big issue of the day?

    Don't get caught up in the chop after the move.
    Don't chase it.
    No, its not okay to keep a loser.

    Do stay chill. Relax, you got this.
    Do wait and wait and wait for the move to come to me.
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    ES is at daily S1 on 15m. At same time, YM at prev s1 and sitting on 200ma on the hourly. On smaller TFs, price is quite aways from MAs. EUR at a decent level to chill out a bit on small TF.
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    I should have titled the thread a "place of my own." I will try to post trades here. Post my lunacies and other trivial crap. Yeah, "place of my own" where douches can go be their douche selves some place else other than this "place of my own"
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    46 sh 5cts.

    EDIT: I'm all out at 43. Normally, I'd have exited at where price is at right now at 41. Today isn't a normal day. I'm physically/mentally jacked and the market has been giving me some concerns over these kinds of scalps. The price action and vol kinda sucks right now.

    It isn't the prime time scalp setups that I'm looking to take advantage of.

    I'm up $153.30. I'm done for now and prob the afternoon as well.
    Good luck and all that jazz. peace out

    2nd EDIT: Oh yeah, I'd like to add that it took some time to get all 5 cts that time and normally when chit moves like that I can get a pretty decent quick drop, but not this time. Also, I goofed up by looking at the wrong TF, otherwise I may have not taken that scalp. I prob would have, just not at that time tho.
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    Missed opening. Took kid to school.

    waited for a movement outside of the little spiral movement during short term range, sh 15cts when it started dropping at 96, 94, 92. Covered at 85, 88, 89.

    Placed a sh order at 84 after the drop slowed down again from 72-78. Trying to get out right now.
    And im out at 81.

    I'm up $477.00. I may be done in a bit. I've got to get some sleep for my other career that I usually work over the weekend.

    Sure beats the heck out of my biweekly ~$1750 paycheck that I got today; if I can keep profitable that is :)

    Edit: also, don't forget to pick up your kids from school and pick up dinner before work to make it easy.
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    Price dropping again...missed better price due to journaling. Took advantage of the momentum to support and sh 67, 66, 70. covered 65, 63 ,63 all within 1 min.

    I'm up 703.5

    GOod place for long entry here at 51, yes I think.
    Currently at prev wkly s/r. Looks pretty good spot to slow down/stop for now, considering previous ranges on hourly, 4 hr.
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    Back up to 74. Just to be rude and toot my own horn.

    "Yes, dear boy. Pat yourself on the back."

    "Heed my warning! This too shall not last for all good things must come to an end. When your head feels as big as god's, then surely the end has begun."

    "screw you. I'm one bad@$$ rainmaker."

    "make it rain! make it rain!"
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    Screw it! I'm good for the day. Remember its MLK day on Monday so no market worthwhile.
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    Woke up and fell back asleep, only to wake up late. I thought I'd be woken up to take my kid to school but I wasn't. I'm not sure but I think I missed some entries for quick scalps. I wouldn't want go short right now at 65 ym even thought I could grab some very short term tf sh, but it looks like a tease. A long would be the safer bet anyhow.

    Effin great. lost internet connection and couldn't take a quick long scalp.
    Also, need to go pick up my car from the body shop. So I'm feeling somewhat rushed. Got some minor dents and scratches getting fixed. I may sell it to get the equity out of it.

    EDIT: The other career messes up my daily habits and sleep cycle.
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    Market is just trading in a small range for the time being. Waiting for it to explode in a direction, most likely up. caught in between the averages and sitting on s/r levels, with low volumes.
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