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  1. Just got email stating that my account will be transferred to TD Ameritrade this weekend.

  2. Yes, my account is inactive, but I look forward to $50k req on 1 short WMT call!
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    I haven't traded options on TD Ameritrade in years. Are their option commissions still ludicrous?
  4. I hope they are planning on keeping the name TOS at least. I can't be sure by their email
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    Le sigh.

    *moment of silence*
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    i had a lot of trouble with my fills yesterday morning at open (mainly TLTC). i complained about the bad fills and they gave me a credit which I thought was fair.
  7. I pay $5 ticket for equities and $5 + $0.75/contract for equity options.
    (No futures !)
    I trade a lot and got this over a period of 3 years.
    ($9.99 >$7>$5 now )

    Customer service wise TD is much better than IB which is much cheaper .
    I day trade from middle of no where in Asia and it is ok.
    (Also opening foreigner a/c is not possible with all small brokers)

    I have traded with OXPS also before but they are much more expensive.


    Yep. Me too. Staying with them for now, see how it goes. Gone are the days when Sheridan would send me a personal email on some question I had. I didn't send an email to him, he just personally responded. Honestly, I don't see what TDA has to offer me. Penson is still going to clear futures - so there will be no expansion of futures products in that area.


    Should add there were a couple times I directly emailed Sheridan. Penson pissed me off a couple of times.
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    Did you happen to have any ordering issues? I was simply trying to close short puts, and their software was rejecting my orders saying "not allowed to open new positions." I contacted support and they did not have a good answer for this issue.
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