RIP Luciano Pavarotti

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  1. RIP

  2. Aww rats.
    He was a powerfull singer, and a typically whacky, zany pasta loving personality.

    Without him, the three tenors would have been a sideshow, he was bloody great, start to finish-bringing actual singing to people who wouldnt have ever seen it before, im all broken up about this.
    A sad loss.
  3. His rendition of "nessun dorma" was the single thing, to introduce opera-not that i like opera, you read the lyrics, how could you, but-well, powerfull, while opera critics bagged him for "coarseness", they managed to ignore the sheer power of his voice, that is what speaks to the masses.

    I will look forward, to listening to his work again.

  4. Yes, a God given voice.
  5. Yeh, great set of pipes.

    Not for nuthin', he did live a good life.