RIP Jacko, Rennick Manor under full lock down

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  1. First let me say RIP to MJ, he was a somewhat misunderstood Superstar/Freak who had a huge impact on many ( mostly the same crowd who camps out at a star wars opening). I was a huge fan...

    Having said that I am not taking any chances. We recently had a family of darkies move in down the street, and to be on the safe side I am putting Rennick Manor under a complete 24 hour lock down due to the Jackson funeral. I am not discriminating, everyone including greasers, spooks, slopes, nips, pinko's, midgets, and even the UPS man wil recieve first a warning and then be subject to live rounds if they cross the perimeter. The way the economy is right now once good natured folks are likely to try to break in, vandelize, or escape the heat in your swimming pool. From the secure bunker deep inside of Rennick Manor I will closely monitor outside activity via closed circuit, and also the Jackson funeral on satelite. Good luck all, be safe.

    Rennick out:cool:
  2. Rennick Manor?

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  3. Just the one with orange stripe.:p
  4. TGregg


    Seeing as how it's his funeral, shouldn't the markets be closed for the entire month, or maybe even the rest of the year? I mean, this is apparently a major event in the lives of most people around the world. Years from now, people will refer to time as before and after Jackson croaked.
  5. HEAR,HEAR!!!

  6. Check the URL, sounds like a still pissed rubberbird, LOL!
  7. Alright Guys,

    I watched the MJ Memorial and this old war vet just lost it when his little girl just tried to speak. We can all crack jokes, but he was a hell of a human in many ways.
  8. Thunderdink alias

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  10. i try to laugh as much as possible ... it's a hell of a lot easier then doing push ups ...

    but that, my friend, is gold
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