RIP Dan Fogelberg

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spydertrader, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Dan Fogelberg Dead at 56
  2. great voice and songwriter.

    thanks spyder!
  3. nitro


    That song is a classic, by a poet. I love the solo sax at the end.

  4. maxpi


    I'm feeling the loss here
  5. Great song, always enjoyed his music.

  6. Steven Stills has surgery scheduled for January. I"m gettin' my ass infor a check up. You guys too.
  7. Ditto...Im 41 and still haven't had my ass tapped yet for the various checks..but im starting to get a little worried ....anyone here ever do that crap? Prostate check? colonscopawhaterever??? i gonna be scarred for life?
  8. It takes seconds. Literally.

    As far as Fogelberg's music: I'd rather listen to a kid scratching an a blackboard. But he was a fellow Illinoisian and years ago someone told me he was a GREAT guy. I'm very mournful of his pre-mature passing.
  9. nah, *YOU* will love it :p
  10. LT701


    his son's already put out a touching tribute song to him, called 'the leader of the band'
    #10     Dec 18, 2007