(RIP) Aaron Russo speaks on the elite

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  2. He had a compelling speech going there until he got to the part about how in May 2008 we will all have National I.D. cards implanted with RFID chips (3:12 into the video). It's January 2009 and I don't know anyone with them.

    Also, that gibberish that the Rockefellers started the womens lib movement so that 50 years later the government could control the family sounds completely ridiculous.
  3. implanted with RFID chips (3:12 into the video

    My mom says she has a micro chip implanted in her head and will not, WILL NOT subscribe to satellite tv, she is thoroughly screwed with this digital tv change over.
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    Good video.

    Thanks for posting.

    Carroll Quigley put down the Rosetta Stone for the New World Order agenda with Tragedy and Hope.

    Congressional Investigations, whistle-blowers and autobiographical admissions confirmed and filled in the rest.

    The Next Great Depression will be engineered, just like the last.

    The United States is too strong to amalgamate into weaker countries.

    So the Elite are going to bring Her down. From the inside, out.

    Think Russo is making this shit up? All the tin-foil hatters somehow got the same talking points and just repeating it verbatim? Nope.

    By their OWN WORDS, we've been lied too. A Great Deception to usher in the Elites "Great Work".

    And thats a pile of maggots feasting on your family and friends misery while the New Feudal Lords Rule Us All.

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    the womans lib movement was actually engineered by sigmund freuds nephew Edward Bernays. you should research it...it will blow your mind just how much our lives have been engineered and guided by the powerfull elite.

    i dont know it was specifically the rockerfellers behind it though. wouldn't surprise me there was an additional agenda. the other major financier was the cigarette companies trying to open up the other 50% of the cigarette market.
  6. fear of technology/change and blaming others for ones woes are the classic signs of underachievers.
  7. That reminds me of your mate Niederhoffer, blaming other traders on the CME for his late 1990s blowup.
  8. Think with more flexibility. The elites are not gods, they are not all powerful. They have plans & agendas. National ID has been in planning for years, it is no lie. Passports issued recently have a tiny RFID chip in them. Officially, this is to prevent theft & use of lost passports. Some newly issued state licenses have similiar technology, supposedely.

    National ID was proposed in Congress a few times but received more than expected opposition. The same has been going in at state assemblies. You will see this brought up again by Obama, probably very soon. He can easily sell what Bush could not. There is a reason he got so much love from the media and such overwhelming funding. Things like this do not just happen.
  9. Aaron Russo was very successful, he was no underachiever by any measure. He rubbed shoulders with the elite and was invited to join their organizations. Something you will never even come close to, as it's blatantly obvious you lack the intelligence to ever be considered.

    So whatever your point/argument is, it has failed tremendously. Seems to be the story of your life.
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