Riots in Syria against oppression

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  1. I am saddened by the Syrian government's oppression of the freedom fighters.

    The USA must send in troops to bomb the Syrian government and rescue the protestors, like it did in Libya.

    God bless Israel and USA.

  2. . like IT did in Libya ??????? You are not American , and you are a fucking fake, and an asshole .
  3. Oddly, Syria SHOULD have been the number one target in the "war on terror" or whatever the fuck it was called.

    The most extremist, most insane, most "local" supporters of Al queada/crazy nut job freaks, but-the west, the middle east-this strange country, that sits, letting Iran be its spokesman-somehow, Syria, never, ever is mentioned. Never pops up on the radar, eve, pops up on the western , nor arabic media radar.

    Why? What is in Syria? Really? Secret scrolls? Yellowcake?
    Has anybody ever met a Syrian?

    WTF is with Syria?
  4. My barber, he's Syrian.
  5. Get lost you Syrian lover.

    Syria is a terrorist country which is terrorising its own people.

    USA needs to bomb Syria hard, since it also threatens Israel, our closest friend.

    God bless Israel and all American troops who are willing to die for Israel and who have died for Israel in Iraq.

    This is a list of the countries that we need to continue bombing or start bombing:
    1) Iraq (continue)
    2) Afghanistan (continue)
    3) Syria (start)
    4) Libya (continue)
    5) Pakistan (start: probably best to just nuke it)
    5) Iran (as for Pakistan)

    We should also bomb Jordan and Saudi if the terrorists take power from the leaders.

    The above countries are terrorists who celebrated during 911. USA must seek revenge NOW. During 911, the above countries danced in the streets and kissed eachother.

    Syria and Iran should be the FIRST targets for bombing.

    God Bless Israel.
  6. Aren't you going to give it up cohen (A.K.A AliHousain)? Seriously man, how stupid can you be?
  7. Candletrader, you are forgetting to call them <b>'Evildoers'</b>!
    The word used to be a favorite part of your vocabulary.
  8. ==============
    See your points;
    but timing is important, they are killing each other off right now:cool: