Riots if Obama loses?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Oct 24, 2008.

Will there be national riots if Obama loses?

  1. Definitely. It will be the Rodney King riots on a massive scale.

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  2. Yes there will be riots, but in a few places, not nationally.

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  3. There may be small-scale riots, nothing major at all.

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  4. No, there won't be riots.

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  1. Should the Messiah lose the election, will we see riots in every major city?
  2. Many of his supporters see it as a win-win. If he wins, fine, if he loses they get to torch their neighborhood, either way, party on!
  3. ziply on October 23rd, 2008 11:29 am

    I am lily white with a sprinkling of brown spots, and I assure you, I WILL RIOT if Obama loses. If the Rethuglican party manages to disenfranchise enough voters to steal yet another Presidential election, I will one of the people leading the charge. Your side has had its chance and has driven our beautiful nation to the very brink of financial, moral, and spiritual bankruptcy. ENOUGH.
  4. kut2k2


    I predict the riots will come if McCain loses. I distinctly remember the horrendous recount period back in 2000. All the threats of violence if things didn't go their way were from Bush supporters, not a single one from Gore supporters.
  5. TGregg


    Riots if he wins too, just like a sports team winning a championship.

    Better stop off at the store and pick up a ten gauge pump and some ammo.
  6. TRS


    .....meanwhile Rome burned.
  7. Yea right. Soccer moms in Orange County, retired execs in Naples, middle-managers in Alpheretta, farmers in Ames, oilmen in Denton, ex-miltary guys in Poway, bankers in Little Neck- real hotbeds of civil unrest.

  8. Given that Chicago's murder rate SPIKED this summer-ALL MINORITY-it appears the "celebrations" already began......
  9. This will be a pretty sad state of affairs if this politcal divide that has lined the pockets of media types who preach hatred and bullshit actually hits the streets if the other guy wins or loses.

    Are we really that unAmerican? Has it really gotten to that point guys? I hope not.

  10. Rioting if he loses would be best case scenario. They'll be over in a day or two. He wins, it's global meltdown.
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