Rio Gets 2016 Olympics!

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  1. Not all that surprising when you consider the FACT that Europe has hosted the Olympics 30 times, North America 12 times, and South America ZERO times.

    Those were tremendous odds that the President and the USOC were up against.

    But at least we will get 100% LIVE coverage for a change!

  2. Good for them. Those Brazilians know how to throw a party.
  3. I am simply amazed that Chicago didn't get it. After everything that the Obamas sacrificed. You put the Obamas and Oprah behind the same cause and it just didn't work. You know its really the children who suffer. Without the extra funds the kids will not learn how to swim or learn how to ride a bike.

    Obama's trip over there was sheer arrogance and its great that his little photo op blew up right in his face.
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    Pure snark.
  5. Who do we invade?
  6. What's the play here they asked on CNBC...

    Should we buy infrastructure?

    :p :p :p :p :p
  7. The USOC skims more $$$ of the top of the broadcasting rights to the Olympics by such a far greater margin than any country in Europe that it isn't even funny.

    This is one of the MAIN sticking points with the European based IOC.

  8. Well where's the freedom in that? Socialists. :confused:
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    it's a trend.
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