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    Does anyone know why RINO stopped trading?
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    Also that to me now to do with actions which has bought today on 6,19 (((
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    is there any way to find out when this stock is expected to open?
  4. There are many sites that have detailed news of each stock like Finviz or AOL Finance. AOL Finance has feeds from TheFlyOnTheWall. If its not either on Finviz or AOL Finance then rest assured its probably not anywhere else. There is an article on finviz which states that no one knows what is happening. You can also call investor relations.


    My guess is you are not going to find out until Weds. I would get some sleep tonight as you wont find out until the morning at the least.
  5. can't be good news
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    Some analyst firm or hedge fund accused them of fraud several days ago. This started the drop. The company said they would address the accusation in a conference call but then canceled the call. The nasdaq appears to have finally halted trading in the stock. And the company has yet to speak.

    Go look at the news headlines on Yahoo Finance or elsewhere.
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    Always check this link for nasdaq trading halt info. They will update the Resumption Quote and Trading Time columns once it is clear to trade again.

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    The auctions and have not opened
    Whether will interestingly open in general
    And when?
  10. Something people may not be thinking about. What if RINO keeps it halted until after options exp is over?

    Right now there are outstanding puts that expire on Friday for 2.914M shares (in the money). (7 strike and up)

    The put buys probably imply the market makers for these options are net naked short the stock this amount.

    People short the puts (mostly market makers?) will be long the stock on Monday morning at whatever the exercise price. But to be long, they have to buy it from -somebody-.

    There will be a scramble for shares regardless in that case.

    Interesting dynamic regardless of that value of the company.
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