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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by travis, Dec 27, 2003.

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  1. travis


    Does anyone use Performance Suite 6?

    I have tried other Rina products, such as Optilogix, but was never able to get it to work. It creates temporary files for 500 megabytes, crashes, and has a manual that's unclear. I wonder if Performance Suite works better.
  2. maxpi


    The guy at traders-soft.com has a folio backtesting product for Tradestation, I would go with his stuff before RINA based on what I have heard about RINA and my experience with a few products from the abovementioned website. I Beta tested one of the products from traders-soft once, he had the stuff working better going into Beta test than most do going into production. Regarding the docs, well, you might have to speak a little Russian maybe to really get it.
  3. travis


    Thank you very much for this information.
  4. Before you expose yourself to a great investment you might want to look at WLD3. WLD3 combines the capabilities of TS and RINA for $650 and has a few more useful features that TS might add in TS 8 or 9.
  5. Turok


    I am a user of WL-30 for some of the the reasons that Volker describes. (tried TS some time back).

    Depending on your needs, WL can be an excellent platform and can kick TS's a** big time. I'd also bet that there are situations where the reverse could be true. It's like shoes...get the one that fits.

  6. howdy


    Funny that you said that, I was thinking along the same way about using WLD instead of the pricey TS + Rina. If you would, please expand on "WLD3 combines the capabilities of TS and RINA" statement.

    According to Rina website, their programs can apply these MM strategies:

    * Fixed Fractional (with several variations for different asset types)
    * Percent Risk
    * Percent Volatility
    * Asymmetrical Leverage
    * Optimal f
    * Secure f
    * Kelly Strategy

    and even more advanced equity curve strategies like:
    * Equity Curve Breakout
    * Equity Curve Moving Average
    * Maximum Favorable excursion
    * Drawdown Support
    * Underwater Equity Curve Strategy

    Rina also can apply multiple MM strategies across multiple portfolios that consist of basket of instruments, and do so in a workflow like manner. If I want to perform the similar tasks in WLD, I guess I would need to painstakingly research each individual MM strategy chartscripts, understand them, test them to make sure they are valid and efficient; then, to apply multiple MM strategies to one portfolio, I would need to write a lot of codes, test them, debug them, improve them; and, I would need to write more codes if I want to apply them to basket of portfolios, the code would probably become so complicated that I would end up spend all my time as a programer instead of a trader. those are just my concerns, not facts, please share your insights on these issue with me and the readers.

    Perhaps, WLD can create and mm-lab, similar to your two other add-on labs (neuro and monte carlo), in it, you have a set of completed mm strategy scripts like Rina does, you create a mechanism for uses to apply these mm strategies to portfolios, without requiring two much of coding, like the current Rina products do, if WLD can do that, I believe it will truly support your early statement: "WLD3 combines the capabilities of TS and RINA for $650 and has a few more useful features that TS might add in TS 8 or 9."

  7. Howdy,
    thank you for joining the ET forum and for giving me the opportunity to explain to you (and the readers) in more detail the unlimited possibilities of WLD3 and reinforce my statement. As it seems from your posting you belong to a more advanced grop of users who has passed the stage of one optimized system for one market.

    Actually, Wealth-Lab Inc. has also Index-Lab which allows you to create you own indices from a portfolio of symbols in a very easy way. So there are three add-ons.

    There are various money management rules that you mentioned and all are available in WLD3. Of course you can apply those MM rules to a whole portfolio of symbols. They are actually build in WL since Wealth-Lab Developer was geared for portfolio testing from the very beginning. To change the MM settings it is as easy as clicking on it with the mouse. The new calculations only take seconds since the trades are stored.

    Some of the strategies are not available in the native version, as I am sure you know. For those high end users that are considering those strategies we have developed SimuScript. With SimuScript you can create your own money management rules and store them as your own MM rule to then apply them to any system and portfolio. Our professional hedge fund users develop their own MM rules and use them. Professional users like to have this freedom, so we give it to them.

    You can always find differences in trading software. In any case Wealth-Lab Developer 3 gives you the power to do the combination of both products (RINA+TS) in one. Some people prefer programming a system in one software hooking up to another software and test the various money management strategies. I prefer doing it all in one product. I am sure RINA is a good software that is trying to close the gaps of TS to the more modern products out there. When I was still using TS2000i, I was seriously considering buying RINA but then luckily WL came along. Believe it or not, even WL was at Wealth-Lab Desktop version 1 I dropped TS and only used WL (and I was not associated with it). For all happy TS6 or TS7 users RINA might be a good option ( I have no experience with it). For any newcomer, SuperChart, MetaStock or TS2000i user who is looking at alternative solutions and feel limited by the current abilities of their software and are looking for a software that will not limit them in the future, WL is (in my opinion) the better choice.

    But Howdy you know, aren't we all biased? ;)

    Volker Knapp
    (Wealth-Lab Inc.)
  8. traderob


    I took a trial with Wealth-lab. It was for a month but after 2 weeks I decided to buy it (just last week).
    The deciding factor for me was the amazing support available. Volker, Glitch and Cone answered every question I had - about feeds , charting, even embedding images in the message I send to support. Cone wrote a script when I asked about it.
    When I had TS the support was Ok - but that is all.
  9. Volker,

    I suggest that you contact Baron for his rate sheet. While intereresting, your posts sounds much like advertising to me.
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