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    Do you think it's great CME will list a RIN contract?

    To me it's one more proof that the most drastic moves and volatile markets always happens far from liquid regulated futures markets, on OTC or cash markets... I read a couple articles about the "speculator exchange to increase the price of RINs ...Costs will fall on consumers..." but I am sorry , I have never seen 1200 % moves in 2 months on cleared futures...
  2. That rally was the direct result of government mandates. More proof government should not be in markets.
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    Yes, but the problem with RFS2 and the 10% ethanol"blend wall" was known before , no? Why are all blenders trying to purchase RINs at the same time? Sorry I am not really aware of renewable fuel policies.
  4. The blend wall was known but poorly understood by many people. It was not until the initial rally that the refiners really started to dig into the data.
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    The ethanol crush margin just returned in positive territory this year and ethanol production is back( due to lower expected corn price...), but what would have happened with RFS2 if production had remained at last year's level?
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  8. Apparently it was Citi.
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    I am interested to know what % of the OI they were holding to make that kind of loss. Ethanol is a big contract but small market...LOL
  10. Not sure about OI, but this is interesting:

    Commodity Trader Didn't Really Believe in Market Prices

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