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RIMM is an accident waiting to happen!

  1. a' coup sur - OUI!

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  2. pas question! NON!

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  3. backing truck up if it breaks 130

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  4. looking to short soon

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  1. Goldman is not really an institution per say. They can be more accurately compared to a large secretive hedge fund.

    They upgrade a stock for their own reasons.

    #21     Dec 7, 2006
  2. Does anyone have any insight into how Goldmans analysts and there Global Alpha unit interact? I just get the hunch that there analysts opinions and what there actual traders are doing is vastly different.
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  3. good analysis???? Huh? But you sound pretty sure!? If so, are you shorting (more) stock or buying puts >>right now......... or just analyzing it !

    remember one thing >> this is year-ending triple witching. RIMM therefor "could" be at 140 next week... not saying it will but it is doable.

    just don't see it being cracked before X-mas; might be wrong!

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  4. Tums


  5. Mvic


    I am short the stock and like where it closed but you make a good point Ice regarding expriation. If things look better tomorrow I may pick up a few Dec calls as a hedge.
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  6. Shorting RIMM isnt a part of my current plan.

    The one thing that makes me sound so sure is the chart. How many times have you seen a chart like this result in a head/shoulders?

    The stock suddenly rises way up above the 50 week moving average. At some point it has to go back to the blue line. A stock going back to the blue line doesnt mean something is wrong, its just making a normal and healthy correction. It simply got ahead of itself and people are taking profits.

    I would buy it when it hits the blue line though. However, if there is a recession, then it will go to the red line.

    This is how a recession works. Back before the recession in 2001, San Francisco was such a sweet place. Women were very liberal, good times every where to be found. Anyone could find a six figure job just by lieing to some tech company. Everyone was driving a nice car and living it up large. Threesomes with chicks. Ahhhh, the life.

    Then there was that day, that one fateful day, when everything suddenly turned into night. No more tech craze, no more growth, the for-lease signs hanging outside all the offices. The new cars sold off. No more chicks, no more parties. People getting laid off. The Bay area turned from good times to nightmare overnight.

    That is a recession and before you know it, your right in the middle of it.

    Its time to snag the blackberries and throw them up against the wall. No more blackberry devices and to the dump with the RIMM.

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  7. didn't it gap lower today; thought so. we can't swear it's going to fill but I've seen hundreds of expiry where the range is wide on high vola stocks and indexes so that gaps can easily fill. that would peg RIMM near or above 135. but 125 is doable before any move higher... and what i don't like is the close near lows; not a good precursor! we will see.

    normally 6 days could be uneventful but being Dec triple witch gotta remain somewhat open-minded to potential whipsaw action.


    p.s. wanted to add >> when downside begins strongly (or upside) the week prior to expiry i think its a high probability that we move higher (lower) into mid-week of expiry.

    someone back-test my theory and post.
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  8. ... be sure to wear a flower in your hair! :p

    i agree bro...

    started this thread because it is not IF but WHEN rimm gets hammered. i just don't want to miss the train if it is starting this week. I will watch today's gap for a clue!


    take a look at JCI

    do you also see a H/S on daily (potential left shoulder in October)


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  9. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=JCI&p=D&b=9&g=0&id=p66543382238


    I see two price channels.

    The major channel is between 65 and 89. The minor channel is between 80 and 85.

    It will only break 85 on major news. Down from here it will either go to 80 before bouncing up the minor channel or down to 65 before bouncing up. I dont see it breaking out of its minor channel therefore not a good short.

    Commercial reits seem to be on a tear as of late and JCI might be a good recession era stock. There were small dips during the last two recessions, but it recovered.

    Great long term holding stock. Buy on the dips and hold for 5 ore more years.

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  10. thanks

    technically > JCI (Johnson Controls) seems like a potential H & S begiining wth LS in October. of course like i was taught its not correct to say H/S until it breaks NL and unsuccessfully re-tests
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