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RIMM is an accident waiting to happen!

  1. a' coup sur - OUI!

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  2. pas question! NON!

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  3. backing truck up if it breaks 130

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  4. looking to short soon

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  1. Grew

    Grew Guest

    Todays action = short squeeze.... not much downside until someone large starts selling.
    #11     Nov 30, 2006
  2. which could be at any moment... or they could warn like PALM or some SEC stuff etc.

    who knows this is a trading pyramid stock... not an investment at this level... !

    #12     Nov 30, 2006
  3. Golman raised the price target to 170 this morning.
    #13     Nov 30, 2006
  4. thank you for the info

    .........some kid at Goldman raised it >>> ANALysts >> gotta laugh having viewed their b.s. for two decades! Do we know anything about this analyst who "raised" the "target"! LOL
    #14     Dec 1, 2006

  5. when did ANAlyst say it was going to hit 170 >> want to make sure I am in town!? :D

    but with this sucker who knows... maybe it will !
    #15     Dec 7, 2006
  6. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if RIMM goes to 300.00 without a single pullback...I tried shorting this thing before and got screwed every time... I'm gonna wait and see what happens, but good luck if you're already short.

    #16     Dec 7, 2006
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  8. Mvic


    I agree, its broken and the new handset it has is apparently fraught with problems and a lower margin item. I went short today too.
    #18     Dec 7, 2006
  9. it will trade higher first before it is cracked (and trades back to <100) >>>>> jmho

    if u notice today >> it is trading back near that small gap from 11/15; thus at this point it could still go lower tomorrow imho.

    I actually bought some 140 calls thinking it might have one last POP into next Friday and didn't sell enough 135c; my view was/is that it trades back above 135.

    could be wrong!

    #19     Dec 7, 2006
  10. No, do not short. Buy the puts instead. If you are a gambling man, then read on. If you are careful technician, then stop reading.

    I have *guarded* confidence that this is going back to $83 and here is why. The 50 week moving average is at $83 and the chart appears to be forming a head&shoulders. All this tells me that this would make a great short.

    HOWEVER, this stock is hugely popular with the general public, institutions and analysts. Due to its popularity, they could easily reverse the trend if they so wanted. Thats why I heavily emphasize the word *guarded*.

    Most everyone is going to hold into the New Year and then sell so they can book profits ahead of an expected recession/pullback in the economy and not have to pay taxes for 16 months on the gain.

    While the Blackberry device is popular, most corporations are pulling back their spending expecting a downturn in the economy. They wont be spending their extra cash on Blackberry devices if they dont absolutely have to. There are also several competing devices that seem more palatable then the Blackberry.

    I work for one of the ten largest corporations in the world by market capitalization. We are pulling back our spending in most every department in anticipation of the global recession.


    There does appear to be a hanging man on the technical chart. The selloff from 142 to 129 is on good volume. If Rimm does not turn around at this point (its 10 percent off its high), then it will keep going. At some point it will rise again to make the next shoulder of the head n shoulders and go back to its 50 week moving average.

    If you want me to come to an opinion right now, I would say that it is going back to under 100 in a few months time.

    Do not short as popularity of the stock might easily reverse the trend. Buy the puts.
    #20     Dec 7, 2006