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  1. always wanted to hold rimm at around 16 and just happened to have bought it at 16.2 today before the pop.. who are the likely buyers for rimm? samsung, htc?
  2. newwurldmn


    Anyone who wants to lose 10 Billion dollars.

    My opinion the only buyer is Microsoft to compete with Google and Apple.

    What's the point of buying the company. Their proprietary servers used to be their edge, now it's a liability because they have outages.

    But MSFT has servers in every company already and controls all the email. They don't have a good phone system. They need it to hedge their business.
  3. i dont agree with you at all.
    anyways, sold half the holdings just now..still holding onto 1000 shares..
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    that's fine. we are all entitled to our opinions.

    i sold some puts because i think the chatter will keep the stock bid.

    good trade.
  5. rimm starship has a new skipper on the bridge.
    warp speed required.

    the mike and jimmy show is over.
    waterloo corporate is burning as the boyz fade into the sunset.

    the " long and wrong " crowd still hoping for a miracle on 42 street.

    let the repuke begin.
    when we got to zero , buy em all, or not....:)

    how big is the " cash hoard " in the safe. gotta be 'enuf to bail out greece.

    looks like vulture bait to me.