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    RIMM go red
    RIMM go black
    RIMM go under 30
    dat be a fact


    IT UP
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    and just like clock work,its at the lows of the day. sell off at the open. how predictable.
  3. when this stock hits the 30's I might think about picking up some shares.
  4. RIMM sold off somewhat only because its option expiry week and there is related market manipulation. There is a very strong chance the RIMM starts rising in value next week. In fact, there was some late buying Friday suggesting its coming maybe even before the market opens Monday.

    It would not surprise me if RIMM rises $10 a share within a month. If anything the stock is oversold since last year. Which would make your thread's theme rather pointless.
  5. corporate america still uses blackberry, when they do make the switch to iphone or android smartphones that will be the end of rimm. It will fall into the void just like nokia did.

    Their most recent product - the touchscreen blackberry is a step in the right direction, but still far behind iphone or android.

    It's corporate users that are holding up this company, because blackberry is an afterthought in the consumer market.
  6. Looks like its a P/E of 10 ( dirt cheap for a technology company ) and down from just under $60 US not so long ago. This could easily retest that area short term and IF the overall market continues up the $80/share level is not a dream scenario on a buy and hold.

    Corporate markets are what built Oracle and IBM. You don't need to be in the personal market to make money. A lot of these companies have huge cash balances you shouldn't be so quick to discount them.
  7. i am not talking short term, and there is nothing wrong with only be in the commercial space, but the problem with rimm is their only product - blackberry is getting leapfrogged by far better solutions from apple/android. Unlike consumer who can just get up and buy a new phone, it will take time for companies to make the switch from blackberry and its infrastucture, but they will eventually. So unless rimm start to innovate, it's dead when companies make the switch down the road.

    I have iphone as personal cell and company issue blackberry, there is just no comparison, not even close.
  8. A company that is/was an innovation leader and is loaded with cash ( and marketing channels, customers ) has a strong chance of reinventing itself moving forward. For example, IBM moved from mainframes to high end info consulting services. I always though Oracle's databases were overrated but they've muddled through and seem ok on the surface. RIMM has already dropped share price much as Oracle did since the 1990s.

    Certainly there are plenty of trading opportunities both directions on RIMM but $47 seems cheap when numerous analysts were targetting $100-$120 last year. Can you imagine a P/E of 10 on something like this in the late 1990s ???

    RIMM and Apple basically destroyed the competition I highly doubt Apple will be a one company party in this space.
  9. the only competition to oracle are sybase and ibm udb, oracle is still the market leader by far and has ALWAYS been the preferred database choice. There no hundreds of companies coming out with their own database, the only new one is microsoft ms sql which is still a joke.

    IBM is a completely different animal altogether, it's an empire.

    Rimm's competition are many(iphone and the thousands other smartphones using android, and now windows 7 phones), with little barrier to entry. Rimm only has 1 product - a smartphone called blackberry, a much inferior product compared to its competition.

    It's exactly like nokia, with the only difference been it locked all the companies with its infrastructure back when it was the market leader in the corporate world, it is just eating off its reserve right now. If it doesnt innovate the day will come soon enough when companies will bite the bullet and switch. Then rimm is dead, like palm, like nokia.

    You can look at the p/e and short term technical all you want, but in the long term if it doesnt come out with a series of good phone that can compete, it is finished.
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    rimm up over 1% after hours, looks like analysts approve of the new playbook. it truly looks amazing http://www.rim.com/
    the only thing is how much will they cost, I hope they price it very competitively. but seriously I see this thing selling more than the ipad within it's first year or two. definitely a step in the right direction for rimm.

    disclosure: I have been buying rimm shares for the long term over the past couple years, thinking of adding some more once the market pulls back a bit.
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