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  1. I was thinking about buying some and putting it away. it is down 40% from its high.

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    I like the idea of buying and holding for a while, but it's certainly a risk.

    the big question-mark for me is the iPhone. A lot of RIMM's money comes from corporate use of blackberrys... the question is will that market share increase, or will companies start using the iPhone for their business wireless phones?

    I use a blackberry curve and I love it. RIMM recently acquired a wireless browser software company- i'm looking froward to seeing a software update...
  3. rimm doing china will give it ten points easy..it will happen
  4. I know an equity analyst that works for Gluskin Sheff in Toronto (David Rosenberg's new firm) and he wouldn't touch RIMM with a 10 foot pole right now.
  5. Technically, the 60/65 zone has been critical since last year.

    If you're only playing the long side, I would first want to see strength with a clear weekly break and close above 65 to build a long position with a target at this year's high, imo.

    Good trading.
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    rimm is the worst stock in the world to buy and put away imo. Just cause its way off its high doesn't mean it cannot go lower.

    Besides, the tech sector and smart phone market is volatile. Rimm's products could be outdated and useless in a few years. That would be a problem. This is not PG. You gotta keep a close eye on this.
  7. Here is RIMM price/time projections chart.


  8. Research in Motion (RIMM) is recently up $1.58 to $60.26 on renewed Microsoft (MSFT) buyout chatter. RIMM is expected to report Q3 EPS on December 17. RIMM November option implied volatility is at 50, December is at 60; verses its 26-week average of 51.
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    Research In Motion edges higher off the opening to challenge last week's high of 60.46 (60.65 +1.93) -Update : Next area of resistance lies around the $62.00/62.50 zone.
  10. I think it will zigzag up to $65-ish before running out of gas.
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