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  1. I got out at $74 today on the way down to lock in profits. Curious as to what others are doing with this stock. Are you buying this pull back? or do you think it could go lower.

    Obviously it's had a huge run up lately and is surrounded by mountains of good news and bullishness. Too much bullishness perhaps? Personally I don't think RIMM is done climbing, but I want to wait and buy around the $65-$70 area. Opinions?
  2. going long on this one soon.
  3. long today - medium term
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    I am going short on this down to 70 and then I will be out.
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    Where do you see the support?
  6. +2%
  7. RIMM closed above ma-50 for the first time since earning. Next resistance is $78.2. Above this will be very bullish. AAPL will announce earning tomorrow. If earning is oustanding like GS then RIMM will follow AAPL to go higher.
  8. I agreet with your bullishness on RIMM right now. But why do you see next resistance @ $78.20?
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  10. Loo at the chart, you can see $78.20 in early May on chart.


    After hour, AAPL was up very nice over $158. RIMM was up over $75 at first but then went down to $74. Some news AH but this news is old news. The Ntrtel news.

    During the day in the morning is a different story. They manipulated the price AH. Will see.
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