RIMM vs the other smartphones......

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Sep 23, 2009.

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    With Iphone sales soaring year over year and with palm introducing the palm pre a few months ago how much of the market share was taken away from RIMM. They have approx 56% of the smartphone market, however the iphone is now making up 11% of this market. It is getting very crowded as many companies rush new smartphones to the market. Just the iphone alone has taken millions of possible sales from blackberry. Even though demand is still there for blackberry, they are going to face more competition ahead.

    Stock is already priced to perfection, up over 15% in only 3 weeks, they are going to have to prove themselves tomorrow night or else its going to be a $60 dollar stock. Stock is looking overbought at this time just like the rest of the market.
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    Nice run ahead of earnings... interesting to see what the big traders do next.
  3. I think it will all depend on guidance and market share. Guidance and market share numbers will really tell a story as to who's making strides in the smartphone game.
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    RIMM up again today, they better have greattttttttttttttt results or this stock is heading back to $70.00.
  5. Seems like Rimm will beat earnings tommorow. If so its going to run to high 90s
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    Blackberry is a household name.

    The mass-market dummies want fashionable simplicity (email/texting). Smartphones = overkill. RIMM should do well.
  7. Rimm is going down deep after hours
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    great call