RIMM up on monday, I stake my reputation on it (my nickname heheeh)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FutTrd, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. FutTrd


    yes rimm up

    nothing else to say, I looked at chart

    analyzed it,

    its up for monday
  2. How many shares are you long over the weekend?
  3. not that bad of a trade, surely better than goin' short...as usually everyone looks to sell after massive gaps up...and in the past results were pretty much atrocious.

    best of luck
  4. Stake your reputation? What reputation?

    You mean forex to futures to equites, like a dizzy bitch?

    Staking a self-proclaimed reputation is cheaper than staking capital.

    Flavor of the week, hence your post.

    Not just a gap up (which is a market maker maneuver) from $86, but this was $63 August 1st. Effectively a double in 2 months, making you .....eh........... little late to the party.

    Lookin' like a blowoff top in a one trick pony. A short squeeze merely a by-product, not the intent.

    The intent is distribution to those with.....eh.......reputations to stake.
  5. FutTrd


    your are dumb, you know how I know

    you ain't holding RIMM overnight

    another reason you are dumb, you are probably not a day trader,

    you do what 80% a year, for me that is laughable

    another reason you are dumb, you are stuck in one market,

    I have strategy for forex and futures

    I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know shit .

    but if you want to be smart, buy RIMM if it opens within reason, probably it won't

    and have your predetermined stop just in case

    now you can say THANK YOU SIR.
  6. RIMM would be a more convincing long Monday if it had managed to close above its all-time high on Friday (103.56). I've seen stocks gap up to some resistance and then drift down (sometimes to even fill the gap). Beware.
  7. I am sure that at one point RIMM will be up on Monday. You need to be more specific.

    Are you saying it will close up? Are you saying it will gap up? Are you saying it will reach an intraday high?
  8. FutTrd


    if it opens too high, do not buy, because I will be getting out then eheheheh

    if it opens at or below, oh yes lord, buy with all the divine power at your side

    and have a trailing stop,
  9. How many shares are you holding??

  10. FutTrd


    I am holding only 1960 shares

    I know you thought it was more, (sorry to disappoint you),

    I usually don’t trade stocks, not my thing.

    But I decided to get into rimm for Monday effect only

    I don’t even care if there is more upside for entire week, only Monday is my goal.

    If to opens low, buy in Steve, support my trade
    :D :D :D :D
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