RIMM Trading Halted??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mike805, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Is this the case? Never happened to me before...

    I'm short - is my trade most likely going to be busted ?

  2. No busts....they lost an appeal in one of their court cases.
  3. im long PALM, THAT WORKS.
  4. Thanks, just found the news on Bloomberg. What usually happens in this case - is there a projected time for trading to resume, any ideas on where it might open again?

    BTW, PALM is looking very attractive at the moment.

  5. usually re-opens same day.. have seen that before..
  6. buy RIMM at tripple bottom
  7. Who were all the fools that came in and bought RIMM after the last trading halt. And kept right on buying afterwards for days. Hope they ass blows up today :D
  8. 1:45 opening
  9. Doesn't look like thats going to happen does it ?

    Any other comments ?
  10. no LOL gotta love the bottem pickers, catch that falling knife.
    #10     Oct 21, 2005