RIMM - To restate earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Comptalk, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Mvic


    Only a $250 million hit but think that they are going down as their two new phones are practiocally being given away and margins will be killed even if they add subscribers.
  2. Was it only me or did you do a double take this stock wasn't hurt harder? Certainly was a market timing aid for me>
  3. Yea, I bought in last week after the run up. However, when I saw the Asian markets tumble in the early morning I panicked and sold out of my shares. I, and several other traders talked too all thought the US market was going to fall hard again. Couple that with the restatement (250 million instead of around 50 million), if the US market did follow the Asian markets again it could had lost 10 or 20 points easy. I made 2k on it last week, lost 2k on it this week. Eh, what can you do... Normally I would had rode the storm like I did with all the other stocks in my portfolio, but accounting restatement scared me. Reminds me of LEND a year ago. Lost half it value in a couple of days. look at RACK, that was shed as well. Wasn't in them, couldn't risk a 10k or 2k loss... Jumped ship like a fool. It is amazing what things come in your head when money is involved. The last week or so was a pyshic-out... The ones who weather the storm will be probably hole again in a month or two. Geez... This trade is driving me nuts.... Shoulda stayed... Eh, enough babble from me...