Rimm started to ring!

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  1. After consolidation for the last few days.. RIMM started to climb faster and higher..

    With earnings nearing and most awaited rimm touch announcement and china market explorations pending.. Can it go back to all time high this year end..?
  2. stocktrader2007 = stock_trad3r
  3. stocktrader2007 = stock_trad3r is a wrong equation. I dont need a two userids to share my thoughts or discuss news.

    May be other people might be doing it.
  4. RIMM has been very strong but if everything else is weak or going down RIMM will eventually give in.
    Let's see if we can hold this previous days low next week.
  5. gobar


    next week RIMM is going to deliver earning thats y...
  6. yeesss???
  7. many analysts have 180 target price, China?
  8. Cramer killed it Friday along with BBY and _________
  9. when is RIMM coming out with earnings?
    Also is there a web site that has a calendar for all the earnings reports?
  10. thursday After bell

    Yahoo finance under stocks
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