Rimm Set for a Crash ?

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  1. Its clearly indicating RIMM might test its lows again after the earnings if the earnings / forecast doesnt beat the expectations.

    Lets wait for the earnings.
  2. If anyone of the 4 horsemen miss.. the qs are going to get rammed hard!
  3. D DAY is coming ... Tommorow is the earnings...
  4. bidask


    just want to comment on the products themselves instead of the company's shares.

    you know why blackberries have been so successful even though the market has tons of fancy pdas and phones?

    the reason is because all those extra bells and whistles are pretty much unusable. other than using the phone, checking email is the only thing people like to do on these gadgets. calendars, games, etc., simply not usable on a consistent basis on these things.
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    The 4 horsemen are over with.

    There is no catalyst to push the NDX any higher than 2000.

    As I said earlier no need to buy tech or any names like AAPL, RIMM, AMZN, GOOG, BIDU, CSCO, INTC, DELL, MSFT, IBM, HPQ, ETC.

    Tech is done with NDX and the Q's will trade flat to down for who knows how long.

    Price Targets:

    AAPL below $100
    RIMM below $70
    BIDU below $150
    GOOG below $300
    CSCO below $18
    DELL probably between $10-$12....
  6. government and business contracts. upgrade purchases are staggering in the DoD alone. there is no option with rivals in dealing with secured e-mail access under the systems in use. crackberry has the market and that market is growing (federal, local).
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    what do you mean about secured email? the other providers can't provide secured email? regular google mail uses https. are you saying if i check it with a pda it will only be http?

  8. ERTW


    Between RIM and APPLE, only one will come out winning.

    My bet is on RIM.
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