Rimm put out a false rumor today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by traderpro, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. That is what some are saying. They leaked they have a deal with ntp but ntp didn't confirm. Stock had a run today has anyone heard of this false news or is it a deal between the blackberry duo? If i see no news in the am(deal) iam tempted to short.

  2. Chagi


    Might not be related, but I was watching RobTV just now (pre-recorded), and apparently Oprah featured the Blackberry on her show?
  3. nassau


    news states how rimm is down last few days
    rimm states a loss of about 8percent this quarter and will be down 3next..stock premarket was 6050 and has rallied twice 5dollar range..

    get moves today..full recovery of morning gap
    I personally don't listen to the news is always late..plus we will never know really what the market markers play is for the day or wk..
    just play the momentum and write and buy puts/calls

    and play the stock in between.

  4. nassau


    swack box just stated rimm stock halted pending news
    has any one receive a notice from their broker validatiing this
    as i have not
  5. WAWTU31


    RIM's request for enforced NTP settlement pact denied - WSJ - MarketWatch.com